She’s been described as having High Functioning Autism with Attendant Sociopathy. Exaggerated Expressions are signs of an Illiteracy of the Spirit where other’s are concerned. Her pathological persecution of travel officer Billy Dale by having the FBI charge him with theft of funds, baseless charges that were dismissed but which took two years worth of emotional turmoil on him which she caused.

Her efforts to connect with people are so false and so insincere because of her pathology, her lying personality about being under Bosnian sniper fire, that she over-compensates by using exagerated movements. Her bobble-headedness was consistent with neurological damage post recovery from her 2004 fall and attendant clot located behind Clinton’s right ear and did not result in any stroke or neurological damage, her doctors said in a statement.

But damage can present post cure which is highly likely in her case.

In 2004 after a fall, Clinton suffered a venous sinus thrombosis which is very rare and quite uncommon after a mild head injury.

Cognitive Impairment Personality Disorder, …..developing

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