Here’s how dumb and devious CBS has become. They reported on a poll that people are fed up with the word Obamacare. Why didn’t they ask if people are fed up with Obamacare itself? Because that wouldn’t help their adoration of Obama the Messiah, (as Ba Ba Walters called Obama). That’s like saying people are fed up with the words “WWII” but not the actual war.

CBS doesn’t even mention the problems discovered so far with Obamacare. They don’t report about the failed website; the exemption for unions, business and now exemptions for individuals. What’s left to exempt? Dogs and cats? In short there is no mention of the facts that Obamacare is a failed law.

 Their not so subtle bias in favor of Obama and Obamacare follows the rest of the Left in support of the evil Obamacare which was shoved down the throats of America by a Democrat congress and up their butts by goofy John Roberts, Supreme Court Jester and Justice. Liberals who think everything depends on the definitions of words there is no problem so real, no fact so absolute that it can’t be talked out of existence. This is yet another part of the Left’s war on reality.

Facts just can’t be ignored, evaded or talked away. Why not? Because facts are absolutes which means people are disgusted with Obamacare because it’s a bad law, not because of the word.

This also shows the corruption with the Federal Government doesn’t stop with the officials and the bureaucracy, the corruption extends to the left wing press and to the universities like Marist College which did the phony poll. .

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