Race is the essential nexus joining Obama, Holder, Ferguson, Baltimore, Staten Island and the killing of two New York policemen. Empowerment by freedom can enervate the most placid people to stand up for Justice but Ferguson and Baltimore are about destruction and chaos, not justice. Obama could easily have stopped the rioters instead of encouraging them. Not Happening.

Obama is all about race. So is holder. Mike Huckabee summed it up thusly. Asked if the country is “more united today after six years of the first African American being in the White House” or if “the president missed a golden opportunity to unite the country?”

“I think, sadly, the president has not only missed the opportunity,” Huckabee responded, “but between the president and Eric Holder, the attorney general, I think it actually made things much worse for race relations.”

“Because when a person is elected to the presidency, it’s kind of hard to say that ‘gee, there’s a glass ceiling for people of color,’” he continued. “I just think it sort of takes that argument away. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some racists here and there, or that it’s a view that a lot of people may have. But you can’t say that a person of color can’t make it anymore, because when you’re president, you’ve kind of made it. And when you’re attorney general, you’ve sort of made it.

“But instead of saying, ‘Look, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come, let’s now realize that we can focus on individual achievement and opportunity,’ instead both the president and the attorney general have made everything about race, and as a result, I think it’s taken us many, many steps backward rather than forward.”

Baltimore is a 30 minute drive from the White House. Obama could easily and quickly visit Baltimore and stop the riots. He should visit. He should stop the riots. He won’t. Why?

Obama is supposed to be interested in peace but he’s encouraging riots. Why?

Because he want’s to promote the idea that black people are oppressed by white people and especially by the police. Clearly he’s wrong. A black man is President. A black man is the top cop, the Attorney General. Black people have benefited enormously from white guilt. Welfare supports a disproportionate percentage of black Americans. Welfare is paid mostly by white Americans, the overwhelming majority of whom have never, ever hurt any black people. The mentality of the rioters doesn’t get that. Black people are false beneficiaries of white benevolence. White people have learned they have been oppressors. Many believe it. Many are wrong.

Black people are entirely capable. Black biased welfare is theft. Some people run into bad luck but they don’t riot and destroy things. That’s more theft because the broken things belong to someone.

Black leaders need to step up and get the citizens to stop their rioting. the highest leader is the President. Obama needs to get it together about the root causes of riots. He lives in a nation where individual rights and justice are the highest yet too many people are dissatisfied with their personal lives so some of them are rioting. That will deepen the divide that was widened by Obama.

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