Black Freddie Gray’s apparent murder was the trigger for some few Baltimore Blacks to loot businesses. Looting is commerce; commercial; a source of goods. Looters need a good reason to acquire free goods. The Freddie Gray murder by several Baltimore police lit the keg of powder.

The police need to answer for the murder. They cannot and will not escape justice.

Justice is the connection between the looting and murder. Someone needs to answer America.

Baltimore isn’t a black vs. the police issue although that’s worth the time and trouble to study and report. Baltimore is about Murder Under Color Of Law and that concerns America. The police have to be trusted to act appropriately. No one watches over their every action. But the actions of the police in black neighborhoods are watched especially by the black community. They are watched in turn by the Departments of Justice. If some police go rogue, and some always do, the police and the DA need to step up; step in and prosecute the cancer within.

The police in America are under civilian control, that is they answer to local civilian governments. true, the mayor of Baltimore is part of the government but she’s not a professional government worker, she’s a civilian temporarily serving and to her is where the police report. Do you know where else in the world that’s the case? Nowhere.

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