Paglia said: the Duck Dynasty uproar is ‘utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist’ . That’s the headline of a report but the first paragraph of the report tells a story that’s different than most people would think would come from Camille Paglia. Why different? Paglia supports Duck Dynasty and goes against the Politically Correct Solution that Phil Robertson should continue to be banned by A & E.

The article below has some great ideas, great because they are correct.

Paglia is a bit off base when she claims people have a right to support homosexuality. From what is now known about homosexuality it does not exist because people have a right to be homosexual. Nature decides that. People can’t stop it. But people can oppress other people. The idea of Rights was discovered and given the force of law in America but government doesn’t decide who is homosexual or heterosexual. People are homosexual, heterosexual, androgynous or transgendered by nature, not by Right.

. . Nature exists. Homosexuality exists. It exists whether or not people have rights protected against government. Rights don’t enter into nature but Rights are necessary to protect people from oppressive government. Tort suits exist to protect for example hetrosexuals from other homosexuals. In the case of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, he may have a good basis for a tort suit against A & E and perhaps GLADD for at least a contract violation and perhaps for defamation. He sure has been damaged by their behaviors which is one element in defamation. Paglia can be called as a witness for the plaintiff’s.

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