Start with Newtey. He along with about ten other prominant Republicans are on stupid pills trash-talking about the biased Mexican judge in the Trump University case instead of going after Hillary. Losers. They aren’t going anywhere after this. Newt’s political career just tanked. Bye.

The Republicans leaders need to get ahold of the tigers tail, that would be Trumps coat-tails and ride, ride, ride. They don’t know much about the Trump Phenomenon.

The judge isn’t treating Trump fair. He dumped documents to his liberal buddies in the press and the press doesn’t get Trump either. Is the judge too stupid to be a judge?

Black American’s have been speaking out about the unfairness of the Justice system. Trump is doing what they’ve been screaming about, trash-talking a dishonest judge. The judge is unfair. The judge is biased. The judge has been going after Trump. Trump will get the votes og black and hispanic Americans who know the judges are unfair.

Brilliant move by Trump. The Republican leaders and the Press will have to catch up.

Muhammad Ali called himself “The Greatest” meaning the greatest boxer. Trump is the greatest candidate. Go Donald.

And RIP Muhammad. It was great knowing you.

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