Nutty Bernie Sanders’s platform is well targeted to the Utopian idealism of many millennials. free Lunch; free health care, free college, a $15 minimum wage, more cash to welfare parents living in federal housing, dismantling immigration detention centers plus giving illegals free Obamacare and other federal benefits), LGBT rights but not rights for normal white people, more crazy climate change restrictions on gas, oil and coal, support for Iran getting nuclear bombs, then making the people who make over $150,000 a year pay higher taxes,” and a host of other liberal proposals.

Bernie, thinks all that will cost almost practically nothing. In Bernie’s world, corporations and affluent investors would not pass along costs to consumers. They would just take the losses and keep providing goods and services at the same cost as before. LOL.

They guy is nutcakes. That’s why Hillary is beating him in every poll.

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