From losing in 2007, and 2011 because of corruption charges and allegations of impropriety and even simple election cheating; because of Pay-To-Play, election frauds, low-life websites and bad candidates, the Northampton GOP fell from power. It wasn’t pretty to watch. Bruce Townsend was the township manager whose $125,000 theft of township money was missed by the township auditors. Not just once, but scores of times. None of the auditing discovered a major crime. No audit was ever made, the audits were the expected rubber stamp approval of the Republicans in power by the Republican auditors. Now one is running for Supervisor on the Republican ticket. He should resign before the election. But for the Insider Republicans it’s always party loyalty over morals.

That always leads to bad consequences. For example, the cover-ups of the thefts of township money, the misuse of township vehicles, the charges to local motels, the missing Open Space money, the backroom Solar Panel deals, the complete mishandling of the cell towers that turned into a debacle, the disgraceful lying about the temporary lights, the breach of the deed at the Municipal Park, the missing Open Space money, the hiding of the 537 plan, the pure lying in Letters to the Editor, the Northampton Republicans fall from grace has been going on a long, long time

The GOP Chairman, Dave Breidinger absolutely prevaricated in a Letter to the Editor about Barbara Bucknum. He said the GOP is united. It’s split into good and bad committee people. He wrote that Barbara Bucknum had said she didn’t want to run but a committeeman beat her for the endorsement. Barbara then filed her nomination petition.

See the problem? Breidinger could have simply asked the committeeman to stand down in favor of Barbara. That’s what the Democrats did. Why didn’t the Republicans do it first? Simple. Barbara wouldn’t go along with the corruption.

Over time the decline got worse. Over time scores of bad people have joined up, been accepted and deepened the corruption right up to today when the political advertising hit a new low.

Have they reached the bottom? No. Will they get even more distant from the kind of Republican party that Northampton deserves? Of course. The present leaders including the two supervisor candidates are hook line and stinker follow the same wrong ideas.

The Northampton GOP cannot change until the local leadership changes. There’s no sign that’s happening. It’s not even an issue inside the party and the two Republican Supervisor Candidates are part of the decline.  

Even though the November 5th election is two weeks away, ideologically the November 5th election is over. Democrats Frank Rothermel, Jim Cunningham and Barbara Bucknum won. The question for the Northampton GOP is will you change, stay the same or will you continue to get worse?  



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