The decision by the Supreme Court is a masterpiece of deceipt, deception and bad morality. It contradicts itself throughout. Judge Roberts wrote that the Court takes the words of Congress to mean what they say but he calls the “Shared Responsibility Payment” a tax meaning he doesn’t call it what Congress called it so the words of the AFA do not mean what they say. To me, that means they have no meaning at all. He wrote Congress does not have the power to install Healthcare then supports the bill that installs Healthcare. Then he, joined by Ginsberg, Brayer,Sotomayor and Kagen, changes the name of “The Mandate”, -the “Shared Responsibility Payment”, –  to “Tax”Poof went Liberty. The Court doesn’t have the power to support unconstitutional laws but Roberts and the other four small-minsed judges who joined him, took it.   There is only one type of judicial philosophy that doesn’t result in tyranny—a philosophy based in Reality, Reason and a moral law that protects inbdividuals from mobs and government. a philosophy that analyses the language of  a law to see if it conforms to the Constitution.  When Roberts decided to mis-read the law and the Constitution he jumped the moral code that the court is supposed to protect the rights of the people, the basic job for the court.  America is currently governed by Justices, Congress and the President who rule over us by fiat.  Until justices have the courage to stand for what the Constitution actually says as much as the left-wing justices have the audacity to dictate what they want the law to say, we cannot rely on the courts  or the Constitution to protect us from them and to stand guard over our Liberty. It’s time to admit the Consitution does not work. It has, – once again failed to protect us from government. I weep for America now that it’s in the hands of such tricky, deceiptful minds. What’s the solution? Return America to the principles in the Declaration of Independence.

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