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There’s a massive plan in place that seeks to have local municipalities agree to give control of the local properties to a PRIVATE CORPORATION. The existence of the private corporation is kept low on the radar but the purpose of the Corporation is to get paid from donations and Grant money. The scheme is to get themselves a payday. The Corporation is a non-profit however they are fully funded and divide the money to pay themselves. There’s no free lunch. The masquarade burdens the local citizens and they are expected to turn over control of some of their property and some of their Property Rights meaning their ability to control their own property, – to the Corporation. They may not be compensated for their forfeited property rights. This is, as one lower Makefield citizen told the Supervisors, a wolf in sheeps clothing.



Important Issues to Consider

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The D& L Drive Scenic Byway is being presented as a positive change for River Road communities. However, there is much you are not being told. The D&L Scenic Byway is an intrinsic part of the plan to create a Delaware & Lehigh Canal National Heritage Corridor that will encompass not only the general area around the canal but also large areas of land  of the Byway. Local approval of the Byway is the first step towards designation as a National Scenic Byway. 

According to Shaping the D&L Drive, ” (p. 18- 19) published by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources with a grant from the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, designation as a Pennsylvania Scenic Byway is the first step to designation as a National Scenic Byway. The area covered is far greater than the Byway, which is only a first step. The Management Action Plan will also encompass “the area surrounding the roadway that can be viewed by a motorist”.

Local control of your planning and zoning will be forfeited.

 Municipal governments must amend local comprehensive plans, recreation plans, subdivision ordinances, Act 537 water quality plans, and zoning to reflect the goals and guidelines of the D&L Management Action Plan. (D&L Management Action Plan, p. xiv, p105-106, p116, p238, p240, p288) WHAT IF THIS CONFLICTS WITH LOCAL INTERESTS? 

Your property rights and values are at risk.

 The Plan authorizes the acquisition of easements on private property through eminent domain to accomplish Byway goals. (Shaping the D&L Drive, p. 22) WHAT WILL THIS DO TO YOUR PROPERTY VALUES AND PRIVACY? 

Increased traffic will bring noise and congestion to River Road.

 The Byway will require road modifications to foster an increase in tourism, including automobiles, bicycles, and pedestrians. It will require enhancing access to existing recreational areas, providing scenic overlooks and rest areas. Where public land is not already available, it will utilize eminent domain for right of way acquisition of private lands. (Shaping the D&L Drive p.22) HOW WILL THIS AFFECT YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE? 

The Management Action Plan of the Delaware & Lehigh Canal National Heritage Corridor states that a threat to its success is “the resurgence of private property rights to take precedence over public”(p.9). 


The overall plan for the D&L National Heritage Corridor includes:

 “Enhanced public access to streams and rivers in the corridor” (p.56)

“Visitor landings at select sites (one in the Washington Crossing area)” (p82-86, p278)

“Increased access to the Delaware Canal” (p.216)

“A conservation easement purchase program” (p.250, p 260)

“Interpretative kiosks and wayside exhibits, a signage system” (p282)

“Small business development” (p302)

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