He’s on his way out and everyone at the April Fools Day Nuclear Summit in Washington D.C. knew it. He acted like a kindergartner at a family picnic. Nothing serious her folks, move along.

Donald Trump on the other hand had made a serous foreign policy proposal. Japan should protect itself and get nuclear weapons. After all, North Korea has the bomb and so does Pakistan. Only nine countries have nuclear weapons and Iran will make ten. Four of the ten are enemies of America. North Korea, Russia, China and Pakistan. Four are our friends; Israel, Great Britain, France, India. That leaves us and Iran. How many countries are more trustworthy to America than North Korea? Can those countries be trusted more than North Korea? Of course they can.

Japan should be a nuclear power as Trump mentioned but he’s not the first to have that idea. Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Jimmie Carter had the same idea so trump is in great company. Obama ridiculed trumps idea probably because he’s no wizard at foreign policy and because Obama didn’t realize Trump was in such good company with his ideas. All Obama could do was try to make trouble for Trump. Obama didn’t have any ideas on his own about how to make the world a safer place without American paying for so much of it. Obama’s mind went blank as he played at the summit while others had to do the serious thinking.  A little over seven months until we vote for Obama’s successor. Just about any Republican could do a better job. And every Republican candidate even those who have dropped out would make a much netter President than Obama.  

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