Even though a physicist earns three times as much as a waiter, most people cannot solve problems in physics, Nor can three waiters do the job of one physicist. Same for Accountants, Engineers, mathematicians and all of the rest of the scientific jobs that require elevated skills and advanced educations. Over 93 million Americans are not in the labor force even though 153 million Americans have jobs. What can be done with the 93 million?

One thing for certain. Bringing in more immigrants will make things worse for the 93 million. A wall is a great idea because it will stop non-American’s coming in and taking some of the 93 million jobs away from the immigrants, refugees, migrants and non-American’s who want some of the jobs for which we already have loads of people who can do them.

Donald trump promised to bring jobs back from China, Japan, India and South Korea and he can do it by implementing ideas to get more control of the international market but that won’t solve the entire problem of getting more of the 93 million back to work. Far too many don’t have the abilities needed to do the higher level work. They need jobs that don’t require as much education or skill as the higher paying jobs. It’s not a nice way of saying it but they need jobs for dummies.

Low skill or even no-skill jobs are important and some are well paid. Jobs like apprentices, clerks, assistants, dishwashers, store clerks, warehouse people, people who can pack boxes can work in shipping departments. People who can drive a car can learn to drive a fork lift truck and make a good living. Loading dock workers, mail clerks. even assistant short order cooks and greenhouse workers are good low skill or no skill jobs but all jobs require people with business skills to create, own and manage small companies at which low level workers can work.

The Unions have made things worse for the unemployed by getting government to force employers to hire the unskilled but that strategy won’t work. Union jobs require more skill than many of the unemployed workers possess. they aren’t able to do the jobs.

The 93 million unemployed lack a sense of commerce. Most cultures are not commercial so they cannot create, manage or maintain businesses. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s that they simply cannot operate a business. They come from and live within cultures and in communities where making money in a small business isn’t a common ability. they need jobs but they cannot do most jobs not because they aren’t educated, it’s that they are unable to be educated. They need jobs that don’t require much ability, education or drive. What can they do?

Ignore the people who tell you people need education to work because that’s false. It’s a well-known union tactic to get union jobs for teachers. There are millions of jobs for which an education isn’t needed at all. In fact, some 12 year olds can do loads of jobs and it would be better for them and for America if they began work at 12 instead of wasting their time in school, a place for which they lack the aptitude and ability. They are wasting their time there. jobs for which people don’t even have to speak English.

Mechanics do not have to read or write. They have to be able to work on cars, trucks or machinery. They have to turn wrenches. No one needs a high school education to turn a wrench. Same for working in some of the building trades or in construction. People who can pick up a board and carry it can find good jobs at construction sites. When Trump fixes some of the problems America has dealing with China for example, factories will have to be built and people who don’t need to write or type can build them. How simple is this stuff?

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