She doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know what she can do, this overachieving underachiever. In a commencement speech to the graduating high school class at King College Prep in Chicago, Mrs. Obama missed another chance for greatness by concentrating on her own experience instead of speaking as only the First Lady can speak for America. She fits the complete encyclopedic definitions of American except she’s not a patriot, she’s a complainer. She doesn’t like a lot of things. Her dislikes define her. That’s worse than too bad, it’s tragic.

Michelle is a second stringer. She has a terrific set of attributes both natural and nurtured. We know about her great arms but that’s trivial compared to her mind yet she doesn’t know much about herself. Maybe it’s the speed with which she was catapulted onto the world stage but more likely it’s her own doing that’s undoing her. That’s not quite the right word because she cannot undo what wasn’t done. What wasn’t done, despite her jaunts around the world is to become mature in her mind. Her mindset is her undoing. She’s a whiner. “This is wrong because of someone else” is also the mindset of her love and husband, Barack who routinely dismisses his white mother because of her race. They keep themselves small. He and she are the biggest leaders of the best nation in the history of the world and they are determined to change that.

Michelle doesn’t have to answer to anyone but herself. Her story isn’t great because of her. She lives and has prospered in what is still for a bit longer the greatest nation in history. A history bursting with eminence because of the principle upon which America was founded, Individual Rights. Michelle rolls along with the benefit of being born in the best culture ever. Her race is material witness to the perfect idea of America. Why doesn’t she get it?

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