Most of the Zimbabwe minorities were murdered but Nelson Mandela was a close friend and supporter of Robert Mugube the President of Zimbabwe. Both replaced minority regimes, Mugube in Zimbabwe and Mandela in South Africa. Both supported land reform. Under land reform 68,798 minorities were murdered off this earth.

Nelson Mandela passed away in 2013 at the age of 95. He was thought to have had a successful life but her spent 27 years in prison. His legacy, well deserved, of course includes his 1994 election as the first President of South Africa. He succeeded a white man, F.W. de Klerk who was called The State President.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Having been there many times and having traveled around the country since first visiting it in 1974, it has a fond place in my heart. Mandela was imprisoned on Robbin Island, off the coast of Capetown there was, nevertheless a feeling of apprehension because of the hatred of apartheid, a system that separated the culture into groups. South Africa was not a diverse country in 1974 because of the separation of people into several groups. One’s group followed cultural rules that were enforced as laws. It was dangerous to disobey the rules of apartheid which were said by the Afrikaners to be based on the bible. See James Michner’s “The Covenant”. Read The Covenant as well as the novels of Wilber Smith that are set in South Africa and you will, like I did, fall in love with South Africa.

Unfortunately, South Africa is in crisis. There are vast minerals, even gems underground that also are, unfortunately, undevelopable because of the politics of South Africa. Those politics in turn are identified by the people. More precisely, the leaders of the people, of which Mandela was what we would today call a racial socialist because that’s how he ruled. South Africa has become a mono-racial country that is not quite the same as Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe which is a black dominated culture that has murdered most of the white people. Many of the white Rhodesians were farmers. After they were murdered and their homes, and and possessions were given by the state to their murderers but they were unable or unwilling to farm the land so today Zimbabwe must import it’s food.

The Southern part of Africa is, like most of the rest of sub-Sahara Africa, run like a corrupt organization. While that’s a cruel and unfortunate conclusion of Mandela’s legacy, remember he had complete control of South Africa, just as Robert Mugube has complete control of Zimbabwe. Neither country is diverse. Both are corrupt. For more information read Ilana Mercer’s book: “Into the Cannibal’s Pot”.

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