A young man, Brett Hogg, held up a sign at a Bernie Sanders rally in Milwaukee that he hand crafted: “We Deserve Other People’s Money”. None of the Sanders supporters denied the truth of the sign. In fact Hogg’s sign is the central pillar of the welfare state and part of the reason America’s economy is so weak. Government has become a money distributor to a new class of humans who are housed, fed and clothed by the government. It’s part of Karl Marx’s meaning when he said “….to each according to their needs”. People need money and when they don’t have enough the people who earn the money are obligated to give it to those who have a right to get it because they need it.

But Marx is wrong. Money doesn’t exist in nature. Marx didn’t respect that idea. He started out supporting the idea that the money in a community had to be used to support that community so the Sanders supporters are on good Karl Marx ground. Unfortunately they are on bad ground morally. Taking money from people who own it is theft.¬†Sanders, like his hero Marx believes the rich are the enemy of the good but he overlooks the idea of property on the way to his utopia.¬†¬†

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