It’s only a military flag, not the flag of the Confederacy, a defeated nation so why so much consternation?

The Confederates wanted to be free of the Union they had voluntarily joined but President Lincoln said they joined as the result of a process, therefore they must secede in a similar manner but the Confederates decided to go to war over the Union. Lincoln pursued them to keep the Union together. The important issue was not slavery but Union. The Politically Correct movement distorted the purpose of the Civil War from a war to Unionize to a war against slavery. The idea of changing the words to support a narrow agenda is an age old trick of propagandists. Instead of murder the PC crowd came up with “Gun Violence”. The dead victims of being murdered are said to have suffered from gun violence. Same for the Civil War which was fought to preserve the Union. The war has become the war against slavery. Since slavery is more important in the abstract the PC crowd has succeeded in eliminating the so-called “Confederate Flag” which was designed not as the flag of a nation but as a battle flag.

The downside of the flag ban is the demonization of an innocent people. No one in the South has ever owned a slave yet they are lumped together with slaveowners who have been dead for a century and a half.

There is much in life that is unfair. The banning of the Confederate Battle Flag is a grievous mistake

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