Obama is negotiating with the Taliban terrorists to help America get out of Afghanistan. After failing in America the Kenyan-American, (yes, he was born in Hawaii to an absentee African father from Kenya. Obama is not only an authentic African-American, he is something more rare, a Kenyan-American), Obama not only failed to identify the Benghazi battle against America as terrorism, he pushed the blame onto a video in his U.N. speech two weeks later, and on Wednesday, 6/19  in Berlin, he attracted fewer people to his speech, (4,500) then Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman did at the anti-IRS spy meeting at the Capital’s West Lawn in D.C. (10,000).

Obama supports not supporting the voices of the Iranian pro-Americans which is why he refused to support them in last years attempt to get out from under the oppression of the Iranian government of Mahmoud Ahmajinadad.

But Obama enters negotiations with the Taliban by supporting their value system. The Taliban is more oppressive than Stalin who left people’s heads attached while he starved them to death.  The Taliban is proud to proclaim they want to remove Israel from the map. Obama travelled to Pakistan before he was President when such travel was highly dangerous according to the American Intelligence System.

The problem for America at the peace talk with the Taliban is America doesn’t have a place at the table. Sec. of State John Kerry is famous as an American traitor who lied to Congress about the behavior of America fighting to stop Communism in Vietnam thanks in large measure to Kerry and his Liberal American ideologues like Hanoi Jane Fonda, who were  delighted America lost politically in Vietnam after winning militarily. Both John and Jane don’t follow American values. Neither does the Taliban and neither does Obama who thinks the response to the 9/11 attacks was to kill bin Ladin and now America, the America for which Obama has been abjectly apologizing and groveling for to the world must continue to serve those who oppose America. That would be the Taliban.

From blaming America, to insulting every European ally, to removing the missile defense systems in Poland and Czechoslovakia, to continuing to spy on Americans in America, Obama is unfit to represent America even though he is the duly elected President of the United States. Over half of the American’s who voted must acknowledge they elected an idiot who passed a Health care bill against the wishes of 70% of Americans and who will soon have to carry a National Identification Card complete with biometric data, photo’s and Obama’s signature as Obama continues to oppress Americans. There’re no good news to report as Obama grants Amnesty to illegal immigrants, increases the nations debt, devalues the dollar and persistently works to have America join the third world.  

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