It’s true. The latest place for criminals is America. Outdoing every other country including places that welcome criminals and terrorists, America under Obama has become one vast Left Wing criminal hotel. Terrorists are not only welcomed, they are encouraged to walk across the worlds longest unprotected border and sign up for free welfare and medical care. Obama sure knows how to turn America into an illegal alien year round resort, complete with murderers and rapists walking the streets shooting innocent people like Kathryn Steinle and trying to murder Pamela Geller at her cartoon contest in Texas.

In a spectacular display of racial identification President Obama supported Travon Martin who was shot while attacking George Zimmerman. Innocent people are disrespected by the President while the guilty are embraces so long as their skin is of the correct color. The man is unabashedly bigoted over race. His wife is too, as confirmed by the theme of her Princeton Senior thesis where she was unhappy because Princeton hired based on competence not skin color.

Of course Obama cannot identify with Kathryn Steinle because she is neither a criminal nor black proving how the President can be racist while denying it and while accusing others. The man’s a cad.

He actively supported letting illegal aliens remain in America thereby turning the entire country into a resort for criminals. He refused to deport them when they were caught. The following was on Ilana Mercers’s website:

    “According to weekly detention and departure reports from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, there were 167,527 non-detained convicted criminal aliens in the United States as of Jan. 26 of this year, … ICE admitted to releasing 36,007 criminal aliens from the agency’s custody in Fiscal Year 2013, including those convicted of sex crimes, homicide, drunk driving, kidnapping and robbery. Of these, 1,000 went on to commit new crimes ranging from assault with a deadly weapon and lewd acts with a child to aggravated assault, robbery, and hit-and-run.”

The president is charged with enforcing the laws of America. Instead he is brazenly encouraging the release from detention of known criminals who were caught and released. That’s why America is a lawless country. The President refuses to protect the people by detaining and deporting illegal aliens. Even worse, he is protecting criminals by releasing them. He’s a danger to law enforcement.

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