Who is the worlds greatest composer? The list constantly increases. My vote for the best and the greatest is Beethoven. His Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata and Fifth Symphony easily place him above the rest, for me, but there are composers I like better than Beethoven. That’s a very qualified “better”. I constantly enjoy this feast of greatness, get so overwhelmed by music, by the seemingly unlimited newness as well as the solid greatness from the past but find myself enjoying Beethoven more than the rest. In second place, for me, is Rachnaminov, mostly because of his Adagio Sostanuto in his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2. I also like and enjoy the other great composers and the great performers too. There has been no thing as important to me throughout my life, as music. (Family is by far the most important). I learned the Sax in a few weeks after learning music on the violin. After about six years playing the Saxophone I heard Stan Getz in a small nightclub in Philly. I stopped playing the sax. His sound was that magnificant and so far beyond any sax I heard.

Consider  the amount of greatness there is in the world. Why can’t politicians figure it out? America is so exceptional that it’s the best, even better then Beethoven but America is now in the hands of scoundrels. History will not consider Obama as much as one small note in the climb to the stars. Neither do I.

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