The remnants of the American Civil War are all gone except the graves on the battlefields like Manassas, Shiloh, and Gettysburg. About 10,500 battles and military engagements were fought in America by Americans. At the end of the war the Confederate soldiers were permitted to keep their personal weapons and return home. They were, after all, Americans.

The North and the South came back together and made peace. The culture was returned to the status quo-ante with the exception that slaves were no longer slaves. No other country fought in the Civil War so it is entirely fitting and proper that the soldiers of the Confederacy who were fighting for several different principles be allowed to retire into the history books as Americans which they were and they were never anything else. In fact the Confederate States of America never left America.

Symbols are a form of Mysticism, long an important element to reinforce magical thinking. Four-leaf clovers and horseshoes however don’t bring good luck. Tattoos don’t bring power just as wishes don’t bring money. There is no tooth fairy or Santa so all of the symbols of Christmas aren’t what makes the day special.

Same for the Confederate Battle flag which for decades has stood for being a Rebel. It’s been called the Rebel flag and it sure doesn’t mean anyone using it supports slavery. It was never ever used as a symbol of slavery just as the Confederate flag of America, which is different than the Confederate Battle Flag was never connected with slavery. In fact, the Stars and Bars was designed by Confederate general Beauregard because the Confederate Peace Flag was not the proper flag to use as a battle flag and the Confederate Battle Flag use a Manassas was too similar to the Union Battle Flag and the Confederates were in danger from the Confederate Forces which almost fired on their own soldiers.

The Union Jack is the official flag of Great Britain and it has diagonal bars just like the Confederate Battle flag. Great Britain also had slaves but somehow the American Flag Police aren’t calling for the elimination of the flag of Great Britain.

America had slaves until slavery was outlawed by the 13th Amendment in December, 1865, four years after the design of the Confederate Battle Flag by General Beauregard.

The Union fought while slavery was legal and practiced within the Union. that means “Old Glory”, the official American flag was flown by the Union Army when slavery was still legal in America. If it’s proper to bad the Confederate Battle flag because of it’s association with slavery then by the same logic and analysis the Stars and Stripes should also be banned, but of course it isn’t proper to ban either flag.

Another point is those who believe the idea that America had slaves should welcome the Confederate Battle Flag because it will give them a chance to tell their stories and to explain why they detest that flag.

Hopefully cooler and more sane minds will realize there are many issues connected with the Confederate Battle Flag and not ban it.

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