Since Obama took office there’s been a drop of 8% in the percent of Americans who are “Extremely Proud” to be American. What did he do to cause fewer people to be proud to be an American? His blatant racism for one. His dumbness for another. It’s not good when the President is not respected but Obama did that by himself.

He’s certainly made America less respected around the world by his mis-handling of the Middle East. His pushing black Americans who are undeserving like saying Travon Martin could have been his son, as though that had anything to do with the George Zimmerman shooting is another. Michelle’s 37 jaunts around the world. His closeness to Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton, marginal men in the overall scheme of things yet men to whom he and Michelle are closer to than most leaders. Those show a lack of good judgment.

Not closing the Southern Borders with Mexico which increased the illegal immigrants, the expenses for which most Americans must pay shows enormous bad judgment.

President Obama is black. We get that. He supports black pride and appoints black people. Fine. No one appoints enemies. What’s unfair is his antagonism towards white skinned people. He’s supposed to be neutral but being half black and acting totally black is OK. He can get away with promoting many black causes. The problem is the perception of unfairness when he does it. It’s done to push black people because they are black. That’s racist. That’s bigoted. That’s conduct unbecoming the President of America. That explains why 8% more people are no longer extremely proud to be American. The scales have been removed from our eyes and his leadership has diminished America. He will leave office with broken promises.

It’s not that he’s been unable to carry out his promise of uniting America but his willfulness doing it.

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