The record of the State Department shows “Ellen is: ‘willing to use her platform’ to promote our message.” See the reaction on ‘Outnumbered’.

As per a U.S. Dept of State memo published by Gawker: a previously hidden 2009 email exchange from the State Department while under the control of Hillary, shows Marc Ambinder, a reporter for Atlantic magazine, agreeing to use the exact word suggested by Hillary staff member Plilippe Reines and to write positive coverage of her speech.

Ambinder now claims he does not remember the exchange and adds he is not interested in defending it. “It made me uncomfortable then, and it makes me uncomfortable today,”

Mike Allen of Politico also used the same key words suggested by the Dept of State when he wrote about the speech.

Politico‘s Mike Allen’s other emails show he has willing to offer a guaranteed “no risk” interview of Chelsea Clinton To The State Department.

And The New York Times’ Mark Landler used the same “suggestions” made by the crooked State Department. script.

How corrupt is the Left? How corrupt are the Clinton’s? Hillary should go to a banana republic and be a crooked dictator. She should be fined and kicked out of America because of all her work deceiving Americans.

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