The Bucks County 2nd Amenders (BC2A) want you to buy more guns. “Guns keep America safe” said founder Bill O’Neill. “Americans had guns since 1603 when settlers used then to hunt in Jamestown, Virginia, where America was founded. Americans used guns long before the 1776 Revolution. General Washington insisted the militia practice with their guns and the private guns of the militia helped defeat the worlds biggest super-power in 1783. Guns helped defeat America’s enemies in WWII and guns are on the job today in Afghanistan, Iraq, and anywhere the peace of America is threatened.

American’s have millions of guns which makes America exceptional. Most countries prohibit their citizens from owning guns but America encourages it believing that weakness encourages oppression and strength promotes peace. America encourages gun ownership with the Second Amendment which prohibits government from disarming gun owners.

BC2A is thankful the Founders had the wisdom to enshrine private gun ownership in the catalog of Liberty. The original Constitution recognized the idea that Individual rights needed to be protected from governments both foreign and domestic and the best way to do that was to keep weapons of war in the hands of the people. If you want to help protect Freedom buy a gun.

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