Racism has two different definitions. One is impossible to prove because thoughts aren’t accessible. It’s impossible to know the thoughts of other people. The second definition involves actions directed towards people of a different race. The actions can be violations of laws such as assaults or violations of the code of civil conduct such as not saying hello. 

Hatred also has two different definitions. One involves only the hateful thought. The other involves action directed towards the hated thing or person. You can hate the taste of peas. Your reaction is to avoid peas but hatred of people with bad breath and the action of avoiding them is acceptable unless they are not not white people. White people are thought of as hating people who aren’t white. In the case of white people hatred of people of color has been made into a crime. In the case of non-white people hating white people is isn’t a crime. So hatred of people is different depending if you are white or not. Not-white people can legally hate white people without consequence or to get benefits and rewards. None of this makes sense but that’s the way it is. developing, …….  

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