One of the worst Republican Presidential candidates ever sold out Donald Trump earlier today. Honor with Romney has vanished. No wonder the American people overwhelmingly voted against Romney  and as a consequence Obama was inflicted on America and the world. Thank Romney for the success of Obama. 

Mitt became a Traitor to Trump aftereven though Trump endorsed Romney in 2012 and Romney praised Trumps business abilities. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Has Romney lost his mind? Has he registered Democrat? Didn’t Trump “donate” enough to the traitor in 2012?

It’s uncomfortable to watch people make fools of themselves. Romney certainly succeeded making himself a fool, as he got it wrong on all his ideas against Trump.

What we are seeing here is how the hoy poli view the common people and what’s happening is the a realization on the part of the Dirt common people that the present leaders hold them in contempt. What started out as some small fights has turned into a full blown war and the lines of the political establishment have broken. We’re getting to see the ugly truth that lies behind them. For most people, this is infuriating and that’s why they have flocked to Donald Trump to become the leader, the President of the nation. Trump is the guy who just kicked the hornets nest and we are all surprised how dangerous to the people the Republican and the Conservative movements really are.

It shows how the bellowing from “conservative” media over Trump has backfired. The people are angry at the Republicans and the Conservatives for their treachery. The common people aren’t going to listen to the Conservative Republican propaganda organs lecture them on the need to be loyal in the fight against the Republican Committee by Donald Trump. The people are furious against the system and Romney proved who he’s really agaisnt Romney, his cloud koo-koo people as well as the crazies on the Left who are currently in charge. We’ve had enough. Romney and the dog on top of his car can go back to cloud koo-koo land. Good riddance.

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