Kelly said Trump: “was really cool especially in the first half of the debate.” Krauthammer however still doesn’t get Trump and Gutfield really doesn’t get Trump. Kelly also said: “Trump motivated a huge group of support” and has increased the size of the Republican party.

Romney on the other hand is so antagonistic against Trump that he seems to want Hillary to win. No one can explain why Romney is against Trump, not even Romney. Another almost useless on Donald Trump, so-called  “FOX Expert”, Chris Stirewalt actually sneered about Trump after the debate. Stirewalt’s Triumphalism and his false sense of superiority causes him to mis-evaluate Trump. He has a false sense of superiority that propels him in a wrong direction and leads him to mis-understand a person and the personality of Donald Trump who comes from a solid foundation of success. Maybe Stirewalt is just jealous with envy of everything Trump but Stirewalt is no expert on Trump and he proved it last night.  

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