That’s the evil of Socialism as applied to Murder. How just is that? What kind of Justice does a society, a nation, a culture, a religion or a group stand for when Victims are punished and Killers go free and are given benefits that are paid for by the victim? Can’t happen? It’s happening as you read this. It happens when Socialism is followed. Socialism rewards incompetence and punishes achievement. It condones jumping to the front of a line and then calls the jumping “Compassion”and the jumpers “Civil Rights Hero’s”. Socialism inverts the moral code of Victims and Killers, of Victims and Thieves; of those Raped and those who Rape. Victims are condemned when a culture takes $100,000 from people who have it and gives $100,000 to those who need it.

When Immigrants defy the law and jump over a border then are welcomed by a culture that has no respect for the rule of law and actually gives them not just $100,000 but rewards them with citizenship, that immoral culture is doomed. 

Illegal Immigration, the Comprehensive Immigration Bill, the Trillion Dollar Farm Bill, the Expansion of Medicare all supported by both parties, all supported by the conservatives and demanded by the liberals are stateism and are destroying America for the citizens who created America. Might as well reward Killers, condemn the victims and drool as more victims come into view.

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