She insisted that Trump University had a D minus rating from the Better Business Bureau but Trump U. had BBB ratings as high as “A Plus”. Trump tried to set the record straight and said “It had an “A” rating,, but Kelly came back with what turned out to be a mis-leading statement. 

By correcting Mr. Trump and saying, “That’s never been publicly available,” she is no longer refereeing but advocating. Second, she’s wrong. And she knew it.

Just three days earlier, NBC News ran an extensive exploration of the “ratings” question. It was a fact-check piece based on Mr. Trump making the same “A Rating” claim on Meet the Press. In a story headlined “Better Business Bureau: Trump Right on ‘A’ Rating — Mostly,” NBC concluded that the rating did indeed fluctuate, as he indicated at the debate.

The story reads, “In fact, according to the rating agency, Trump appears to have undersold things—at times in the past, his ‘university’ had an A-plus rating.”


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