Northampton Township has loads of land set aside for parks and for recreation but some greedy not-in-my-backyard people what the taxpayer to pay more and more and more. Their latest gambit is to get Northampton to spend $4 million to pave over the abandoned SEPTA railroad tracks.

It’s a project to provide a 4.5 mile “bicycling trail” but they don’t want to pay for it. It takes a person 22 minutes to ride 4.5 miles. That’s $200,000 a minute but the $200,000 doesn’t include maintanence, police service or liability insurance.Nor to the trail people expect to pay anything to use the “trail”.

SEPTA won’t donate the land for the trail nor will they pull up their tracks and ties to make it cheaper to build the trail. And SEPTA want’s to rent out the land to get more money for themselves from the land which isn’t really theirs to begin with. The land was simply “taken” from the taxpayers but no one ever paid the people for their land.

It’s never enough for the demanders to settle never get enough free stuff. Demanding more and more and more but never paying is simply the way their thieving little minds work. Theft is a way of life for them. They should ride away.

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