CNN anchor Don Lemon went on a disturbing rant slamming First Lady Melania Trump’s looks while asking why President Trump is obsessed with his predecessor Barack Obama.

In a clip that went viral on social media, Lemon claimed not only is Obama better educated than Trump, but that his wife Michelle is also more accomplished than Melania – and better looking!


Let’s look at the facts… Michelle was born in Chicago of wealthy parents. Melania was born in Communist Yugoslavia. It’s impossible to imagine Melania would rise from such horrible beginnings to occupy the White House.

Michelle has a PhD. Melania didn’t finish college, going to work as a model which got her to New York where she met Donald Trump. She brushed him off until his persistence caused them to hate a date.

Michelle has two children. Melania one.

Michelle purposely made herself a product of being black, .. about her race. Melani, being an international woman is far more comfortable around people of all different races.

Don Lemon, a black man believes Michelle in better looking than Melania. Melania was a model. Made a living working in a profession based on her great looks. Melania has a very feminine figure. Michelle has, …. a very wide set of hips.  Michelle is very, very attractive. Melania is very very attractive, very stately, has a lot of class and great fashion sense.

Which one is better? No way to truthfully, correctly answer that. Which one you think is better is a subjective conclusion, impossible to support to someone with the opposite conclsion but Don Lemon is on bad ground with his very flawed analysis and conclusion.

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