Bush started bombing Terrorists Oct 7th, 2011,  three weeks after the 9/11/2001 attacks on America. Two months after the 9/11/2012 Terror attacks on America in Benghazi and 19 other American Embassies and properties around the world Obama has done nothing. Obama has no plans to do anything almost two months after the Benghazi attacks. Why hasn’t Obama reacted against the terrorists? He doesn’t even have plans to react. Bush acted decisively within days. Obama is not even trying to protect America. Bush stepped up and sent bombers against the Taliban. Bush started to go after bin Ladin two days after 9/11 but Obama is not going after anyone at all. It worked out that Obama took credit for something Bush planned but Obama ceaselessly blames Bush for his own lack of abilities.

If Obama is not judged by history as being the first American President who did not have the best interests of America at heart, history will be wrong. Bush was a patriot. Obama is a traitor who travels around with Jane Fonda’s Commie buddies. Fonda’s husband, the fiercely America Hater Tom Hayden founded Progressives for Obama along with many other commies. Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dorhn, Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jerimiah Wright, George Soros and others. Obama is the worst disaster to ever enter the White House.  Send Him Home.

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