Why did Romney lie and tell half-truths about Trump? Why didn’t he attack Hillary? Is he so  stupid that he went after the wrong candidate? Sure seems like it. 

Loser Romney -who caused Obama to be elected because he was a namby-pamby candidate  – was sent by the Republican Liberal/Left/Conservatives to try to attack Trump because Trump is going to destroy their illicit power centers and their go along/get along butt-f*** agreements with their “good friends on the other side of the aisle.”

Trump can’t be bought, cancelled, controlled, or silenced. He different than the Romney/Bush/McCain FOX wussypants Republicans. Trump is a loose cannon who’s immune from the Establishment and he will keep some of his promises to the voters. And the Establishment cannot have that!

But if the GOP is nuts enough to broker the convention or use tricks to stop Trump from being the nominee, it will be all out war between Trump and the American Republican / Democrat Liberal-Left Political Elites who only have knives for the gunfight.

For the dumb-a** Republicans to run out  RINO-loser -Obamacare creator has-been Romney to stick a knife in Trump is beyond nuts. We don’t care what happens from this point, America will vote for Donald Trump.

As for the Republican Party, who cares? Let their barn burn down. It’s long overdue. All we need is Trump.

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