Good. In fact, great, .. as the no-longer-silent-majority awakens from it’s slumber, joins the Republican party and is voting with their feet by running to Trump Rallies and filling stadiums. Enough of Obama, Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, VanJones, Jesse James Jackson and Oprah. The cult of the pigmented is unraveling. As Ilana Mercer wrote: There’s a certain genius to the American People in taking the side of Trump on this matter.

See, the no-longer-silent majority is exhausted. Americans are exhausted of being racially ramrodded.

They’ve had enough of the pigment burden. The noisy as hell majority is sick and tired of being falsely accused of infractions they’re innocent of.”

Joe Scarborough wrote: “he has understood more than most the mood, the despair, the bubbling-over anger, and the frustration of millions of Americans who are and have been effectively disenfranchised in what is supposedly a “democracy.” And, by extension, he thus understands how this year’s Movement Conservative candidates—Rubio and Ted Cruz (both of whom continue to draw upon the same Inside-the-Beltway think tanks and policy wonks)—continue to disfigure the already seriously disfigured concept of “conservatism.”
Trump appeared and suddenly outright opposition to the Inside-the-Beltway Movement Conservative establishment and their Republican acolytes became visible. Demonstrations of rebellion have broken out, with challenges to Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Thad Cochran (in Mississippi), and others, and to what such political figures actually represent. In 2016 this “revolution from the base” goes much deeper and spreads out much farther than ever before.

“Since 1988 the presidential standard bearers of the Republican Party have been George H. W. Bush, Dole, George W. Bush, McCain, and Romney, all claiming to be “conservatives” and followers of Reagan. Almost every Republican now claims the conservative mantle to the point that the term “conservatism” now encompasses all manner of diverse and often contradictory definitions. Self-appointed guardians at National Review,The Weekly Standard, and Fox News continually attempt to circumscribe such discussion and impose a kind of orthodoxy. For the past three decades they have been more or less successful, but this year all bets are off.

“The 2016 Republican primary cycle has included Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz, each proclaiming that he is the “true conservative,” and announcing it with different formulations and modes of persuasion. Indeed, there are differences between them, but they all partake essentially of the same corrupted and stale “movement” dialectic, one a bit more to the “right,” another a bit more to the “left.” Not one of them understands the history of what is called “the conservative movement,” not one of them understands the essential principles and philosophy that originally made “conservatism” a very real alternative to the managerial welfare state that now seems to overwhelm the American nation. Trump gets it.

“panic of the Establishment betrays their fear of losing power, control, and financial bounty. A nationalist/populist revolution rises, intent on chasing the money changers out of the temple and cleaning out the Augean stables filled with dross and filth.

“Sometimes it takes a veritable bull-dozer, an unruly wrecking ball, to clear away the detritus, before a real renaissance can occur. In 2016 just possibly that agent of change may be Donald Trump. Trump has taken identifiably Old Right positions on American overseas intervention, Russia and Syria, US trade policies, and immigration, and he knows that his enemies come from the Neocon intelligentsia and their GOP camp followers. None of the other candidates will or can pull off a revolution. It may be a slim hope, but The Donald just might. And if he does that nasty, thankless job, we are willing to forgive him a whole list of personal sins. For the times are truly perilous, and 2016 may well offer our last chance. Well written by Boyd Cathey at the UNZ Review.

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