3/4/2016, 9:00 PM.     The Establishment Republicans would rather have Hillary than Trump because Hillary and her Democrats would preserve the corruption  which is what an Establishment Republican President would do.   Trump would clean out DC so some of the Republicans in the bureaucracy would lose. Hillary would not upset the two party system. Trump will.

Hillary would protect the status quo. Trump will not. The Republicans are used to working with Obama, Pelosi and Reid so working with Hillary, Pelosi and Reid is not much of a change. But Trump will slash the Republican bureaucracy in addition to the Democrat bureaucracy so the Republicans have more to lose with Trump than with Hillary.

That’s why Reince Priebus sent out Romney to personally attack Trump. Romney is an Establishment Republican. Trump is a Republican who can afford to do what’s right instead of whats political. The actual Republican candidate is far less important to the Republican Establishment because the Republican Party doesn’t have to win to keep up the corrupt game. Trump upsets everything.

It also explains why the two party system doesn’t care about the people. They don’t need the people to keep up the corruption. Trump will upset everything

Neither Cruz nor Rubio will upset the system. They are the system. They are just as bad for America as Putin or the terrorists, They are finally being exposed for their lack of concern about the country or the Republican voters. It’s not about winning the Presidency.  It never was. Obama, Hillary, Cruz or Rubio. All corrupt. Even Michelle is part of the big payoff with her huge, expensive staff, her expensive vacations and her designer dresses. All the rewards of Corruption. Only Trump is in a position to change some of it for the better.

That’s why a dumbell like Biden is there. He can’t think past his false teeth which suits the Establishment. They all cash in no matter which party is in power. Bastards. . 



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