She didn’t talk about the success of Trump University. Instead she focused only on some disgruntled, perhaps larcenous students who paid, got the information then decided they wanted their money back so they sued Trump. They’ll lose because Trump U. provided what they promised.

It’s like finishing Harvard then suing to get your tuition back. Kelly has been working to “Take Down Trump” as she and several others have said. Her actions proved her wrong intentions. She want’s “in” on the Presidential debates but she doesn’t want to pay the price and actually run for President.


She really does hate Trump.
She dishonestly left out the number of successful Trump University students who actually completed Trump U. and went on to be successful in real estate. It’s the logical fallacy of: “The Missing Middle” where the key term is left out of a logical syllogism. Kelly didn’t include the good results of Trump U, now renamed “The Trump Initiative”, renamed because of the “Immoral Licensing Laws” designed only to trip up people who are qualified to be, for example engineers who do well in engineering school but cannot call themselves engineers until they pay the government a huge “fee” to register with the state, as though an Engineering Degree from MIT doesn’t make an MIT graduate an engineer.
So does FOX. So does Rodger Ailes the big boss of FOX and so does Rupert Murdock who is an acknowledged financial competitor of Donald Trump. So does “Lil” Greg Gutfield the dumbest smart aleck on TV. Don’t buy his dumb book.He’s been trash talkin Trump all along because he’s a jealous little bugger who want’s to play with the big guys but can’t because he’s too small. He’s the little man who for example criticizes the quarterback but “Gutless Gutfield” can’t play because he’s too small for football and for National TV. Time to tune out FOX.
The Republican Establishment has a litmus test. You must support the bosses of the Republican Party. Donald Trump is running against the politicians. The politicians are mad so they conned Megyn Kelly to try to “Take Down Trump”. So far it has backfired as the people see the hypocrisy of Megyn Kelly who presents the warts of Donald trump but not his successes. How purposely deceptive. Kelly is a phony person masquerading as a pure innocent while she’s conning America. She’s a disgrace to humanity. .


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