If the anti-gunners were really against violence, why aren’t they doing something about the Middle East and Africa where not only are violent people murdering tens of thousands, they have been at it for hundreds of years, they murder in the name of God, they murder people of their own race, they practice genocide and they not only murder women, they strap explosives on them and in the name of something else that their truely inhuman behaviors “force” them to do, they murder children. Far more children are massacred in The Middle East and Africa in the name of God than are countable. These inhuman, comtemptable loathsome individuals also savagely mutalate their victims making the rest of their livf a living hell and why isn’t someone with the power of Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden and President Obama stepping into these issues and stepping up to their moral ideal’s? Oh yes, It’s because their moral code is broken. Their core values distorted and their anti-American bias are proudly displayed to the thugs of the Middle East and Africa.

Anti-gunners are too shallow to grasp they hate America. There’s no other reason for the Left and especially Democrats like Diane Feinstein to exist except to weaken America. What better way to ensure compliance than to take away the means for the people to resist? People like Feinstein and Obama have been attacking the basis for America, – that would be Personal Liberty, – for almost a hundred years. Even the most revered member of the Left,  FDR, was no friend of America, at least not in the fundamental aspect of personal Liberty. Roosevelt wanted to rule America, not love it and make it more free. How he did it was to increase government’s hold on each person.

It’s easier dictate to and to direct a dis-armed nation.  People with guns may rise up against invasion, oppression and tyranny but they can’t do that so easy if the citizens don’t have a machine gun, – like many civilians have in Switzerland.

Obama and his followers want compliant people and Obama will continue to violate the Constitution to make people more dependent on government. Obama uses a false argument to suppport bigger government, that it’s necessary. He may say he will govern well but he means to govern.

Taking advantage of the children of Sandy Hook is despicable. Feinstein, Obama, Piers Morgan and those inclined to follow but not question Obama are getting their way. They want a weaker set of citizens who will work and not protest the taking of some of their money 

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