He wins as a Republican and just about everyone will be better off with President Trump. He has more glamour than Kennedy because he has more money and natural power.

Donald Trump is what comes after Camelot. His private life is full of the stuff of dreams. He can go wherever he wants, when he wants and he usually gets what he wants. What he wants is to be the Republican candidate for President. He want’s to be President and who or what can stop him?

What happens if Trump has to run as a third party candidate? That means the Republican party is brain dead. Trump is hugely popular. He is hugely capable so the Republican party should get busy and promote him. The other candidates are going through the motions but their best bet is to try to get on the Republican ballot as the Vice President. Senator Ted Cruz has the best credentials to be VP. Cruz is an extremely capable man who will be 53 when Trump’s second term is over and Cruz would be the 46th President when he succeeds President Trump in 2024. So it is written, so shall it be.

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