A non-American who has a home in America is not an American. That means no immigrant is an American Citizen. An immigrant is not an American. Every immigrant is a citizen of some other country and some other culture.

There is a clear path for a non-American to become an American but America has 41 million non-American immigrants living in America. Why does America need a program to change those non-Americans into Americans? First, because this is America, a country and a culture which is very different than every other place and culture, a place that has inverted the power of government which exists to protect not use the people. Second, America welcomes everyone except our enemies but Third, keeping America safe means in part keeping the American economy vibrant so Americans can have an income and that income must be protected which means placing rules, restrictions and limits to non-Americans who want to live here and not return to their homeland.

But the Left doesn’t respect America and want’s to make America less successful. The Left has used non-Americans to help it dilute America to a less successful culture. The Left in effect opened the borders and helped 41 million non-Americans get homes in America to the detriment of the Americans. The 41 million non-Americans have made life harder for Americans.

In plain English, the American Governments must protect Americans, not everyone else which the Left has figured out is a way to weaken America and they have succeeded. The Left blames America for not supporting immigrants. In plain English that means the Left blames America for supporting America. Trump sees thru that sham and has proposed “Non-American Resident Reform” that basically means non-Americans will have to obey American Law to stay in America. Trumps paper is called “Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again”. See the entire paper HERE.

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