Jeb!’s a mess. He has an idiotic grin and an overall dopey look that turns off voters. He lost Iowa and New Hampshire and is about to lose South Carolina Thursday. ┬áHe asked bis older brother George to help him win the Presidency but the Bush Boys don’t get that they are part of the frustration and anger that surfaced with the Trump campaign. George can’t solve that because he’s the cause of it. He’s the guy that forced an unpopular way in Iraq into the American taxpayer with nothing good to show for it. Trump said George spent 4 trillion in the Middle East Wars but has nothing to show for it. Trump said he would immediately seize the oil which would shout off the financing for ISIS. That’s what most voters want to happen instead of seeing George W. come out of retirement to remind us how stupid he was invading Iraq then getting nothing for it. Jeb! is not as smart as brother George. Paraphrasing George Burns: “Say Goodnight Jeb!”

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