The President get’s really goofy when he says Community College will be available for free. The Federal Government has already stolen $18 Trillion and Obama wants to steal billions more to pay for another “Choom Gang” idea.

Having smoked marijuana in college with his Choom buddies, the President may not have followed the difference between paying and stealing. Having followed the false preaching of failed philosopher Karl Marx, Obama never does tax arithmetic. He seems immune to understanding free community college isn’t free.

Obama spends plenty of money that he doesn’t have. Perhaps it’s been the custom in his home to just help himself to whatever he wants but Community College will have to be paid for. If the students don’t do it then someone else will have to but not Obama.

Who paid for Obama’s college educations? The records are sealed. He went to three different colleges, finishing up at Harvard just like his father and just like his father the President didn’t pay for his college education. Like a child at Disney World, Obama doesn’t think through this payment stuff. Just give free cell phones to people and give the bills to someone else. Give free medical care to some and let someone else pay for that too. Goofy.

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