In the War Against Terror some mistakes in judgment have been made. In broad sweeping statements about the identification of the Terrorists they have been identified by their religion but not as what they undeniably are which is Murders and Members of a Death Cult. Radio host Dom Giordano and others continue to blame the attacks on Islam without understanding what that is like for innocent Muslims who are innocent until proven guilty as well as the way it feeds the distraction of using Islam as the reason some medieval death cult is murdering innocent people. Giordano is not the only person who pontificates about how to deal with terrorists but he has stated he believes or accepts the guilt of an entire religion instead of isolating those in the Death Cult.

It’s important to know the enemy and to identify those who want to kill Americans and other innocent’s but it’s also important to follow the right rules in those identifications. It’s also very important not to blame innocent people for the actions and thoughts of the guilty.

The American Constitution is not a suicide pact that allows evil to infiltrate America. It’s an age old rule that murder is a crime. Murderers in a Death Cult can be infiltrated, surveilled and captured. If it’s done by the military they can be brought to justice according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, UCMJ. If it’s done by the police they must be subjected to the civilian laws of the United States. If they are captured outside of America they may be brought to justice according to different laws and rules. In any case they must be caught and dealt with swiftly. In the case of the Paris Terrorists they were shot during their attempted capture in a “hot zone” but France needs to confront those who defy French Law. France needs to be sure all of the streets of Paris are safe from gangs who defy French law, block the streets and disrespect the French police.

France is not alone in their indifference to the existential threats to French citizens and others. There are entire “no go zones” where the police refuse to patrol. It’s up to the French to accept of reject people according to their beliefs but most French people do not like neighborhoods being taken over in defiance of French customs and laws.

Unfortunately the people at Charlie Hebdo were massacred when they should have been protected. Numerous strategies present themselves but the easiest and simplest would be to adopt the Second Amendment and carry some small pistols. Unfortunately even in America the Second Amendment often has been subverted by people who hate all guns. Nevertheless there are millions of Americans who carry around small pistols in the event they are needed for protection when the police aren’t immediately available.

It’s impossible to ignore evil without consequence just as it’s important to have the means to protect the lives of innocent people. Small pistols can help.

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