Socialism is the foundation of Communism and Fascism. The essential characteristic is control of production by “Society”.  Communists control production by taking it over.  Fascism is more nuanced.  Control of production is by orders issued by government.  The unique feature of present day Socialism is government use of money to control production. A Socialist Tyranny is even more advanced. Production and behavior is controlled by money that is controlled by government. America is currently in the grip of a Democratic version where high taxes and restricted ballots hide the controls. Make no mistake. It’s a tyranny. Ownership is prostituted and used as a tool by government. What’s the other essential of Socialism?  The displacement of Liberty by control including control of the messages. Socialism is mob rule and supporters pretend to have everyone else’s interest, (but not yours) as their guiding principle. Goodbye America. Nice knowing you. Defeated from within by wrong information

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