Lose the idea of breaking out crimes by the race of the criminal. There’s no legal basis that makes crimes depend on the race of the criminal so lets leave that out. Look instead to the crimes, the criminals and the police. When criminals commit crimes the police are supposed to arrest them. It’s called breaking the law and neither the race of the victim or the criminal carries any weight with the law.  A robbery is a felony regardless of who, how, when, where or why it’s committed. The arrest of a robber is done the same way for a black or a white criminal. Are some police biased or prejudiced against white or black people? Probably but in court the bias has no extra or lesser standing.

Poverty is claimed to cause crime because poor people need money and are more desperate to get it than rich people. But most poor don’t commit crimes. Do poor black people commit more crimes than poor white people? No. Well, why are there more black people in jail than white people?

Are black people arrested more than white people? Yes if they commit more crimes than white people but it’s the crimes not the race of the criminals that causes the arrests. Do white people get away with more crime than black people? No because the police are anxious to arrest criminals, not black or white people.

Why then have black people come together to protest racism by the police? For one, it’s a convenient excuse for a black defendant to make regardless of the race of the arresting officer. Criminals want to get away with crime. That’s what criminals do and when they are arrested they will use anything they can to justify their crimes so they use their race if they’re black. Why not?  Because they have to lie to do it. Lying is almost expected from criminals. But the community doesn’t have to buy the lie. When black people demonstrate because they believe racism causes arrests they are strangely silent when it comes to proof. 


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