If you support diversity stop reading right here. You won’t be happy with the rest of this.
The greater the diversity in a community, the greater the distrust among the citizens. Diversity is not our strength; it’s a source of weakness, tension and disunion.

The greater the distrust the more people “Hunker Down”. That’s why in the midst of a booming economy, America is rife with tragic social dysfunction. Ferguson Mo. did not happen in a vacuum. Neither did the South Central LA riots and many other neighborhood riots. The Obama administration has been beavering away at the supports of America and purposely and diabolically ruining the social cohesiveness of America’s social contentedness.

Read: Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community by Robert D. Putnam. for scads of information from studies and polling data that show why the destruction of America’s neighborhoods has split America along any fracture line you can pick like race, religion, gender and marriage.

Hillary will worsen America because progressives have sold the American public on the false ideas that the network of relationships that determine whether a society, both local and national, can meet the challenges of its problems, and thereby sustain a high quality of life, -are not important. Instead, the Progressives want to isolate individuals by ripping apart America’s neighborhoods and replace them with nothing. They way they will protect you but how can they protect you when they make certain you are alone in a community in which the social cohesiveness has been purposely shattered? That’s a process against human nature. Let the people alone.

Forced Race Mixing by government sets in motion the same social factors as Kristelnacht. Race-Churning: what is another way to view Brown v. Board of Education where innocent children were ripped from their neighborhoods and sent to different places based solely on their race? Instead of Social Capital, or the value that exists in the level of trust and reciprocity between individuals, institutions and communities needs to be strengthened. This isn’t just about being better people or having a stronger economy. This is about the network of relationships that determine whether a society, both local and national, can meet the challenges of its problems, and thereby sustain a high quality of life.

Diabolically, the government orders you to be race-less then asks you: “what is your race”? How can anyone be aware of their race and simultaneously ignore their race, especially in social situations.?

The United Nations 1950 Statement, signed by a wide variety of internationally renowned scholars, titled “The Race Question” denounced racism but utterly failed to explain why one’s race isn’t important. Clarks’ “doll test” studies presented substantial arguments to the Supreme Court about how segregation had an impact on black schoolchildren’s mental status. Of course it did. So do mirrors in the home but neither mirrors nor race are explained as part of the nature of things and people. The Nine Supreme’s got it massively wrong and butted into many areas they did not belong.

Quoting from the Misery Of Diversity by Ilana Mercer: “Writing for City Journal about the sad settings Putnam excavated statistically, John Leo also introduces an error: “Social psychologists have long favored the optimistic hypothesis that contact between different ethnic and racial groups increases tolerance….” Putnam said nothing about intolerance. If anything, he makes it abundantly clear that he found no evidence of “bad race relations, or ethnically defined group hostility.” Rather, diversity generates withdrawal and isolation. The thousands surveyed were not intolerant, bigoted, or even hostile; they were merely miserable. This is mass depression, the kind that stems from loss, resignation, and hopelessness.”

That’s tragic. Those wrong ideas about race have created a market for anti-depression drugs. Thanks to the stupidity of the Progressives the social connectedness of American’s has been severed, cut apart and from the direction of the policies of the politicians, the Left, The Progressives and the America Haters, Americans will grow increasingly separated from one another. Why does anyone believe or accept that government should order with whom people must associate? Why would sentient people every vote for a Progressive like Hillary?

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