He’s another is a list of flim flam Presidents who told whoppers. The American people are, perhaps, used to Presidents and other politicians lying to them but President Obama is an Industrial Grade Liar. Hi lies have gotten people murdered. Of course he’s not being accused of murder, he has people who do that for him but when he, for example, told people “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” to increase the popularity of Obamacare  and give his Democrat party reasons to pass Obamacare which does not allow people to use their doctor or even to use other doctors people die because they can’t use the doctor they want and have to use a doctor who is far less familiar with their medical history.

He lied when he said: “You can keep your insurance” he lied. When he said there is no rationing of health care he lied again. There are scores of websites that list the lies of President Obama. Same for President George H. Bush and for just about every President right back to President George Washington but President Obama is unique among the Presidential liars. He knows when he’s lying and knows how to do it and knows his oratorical skills make him easier to believe. In addition he’s the first back President so one would think he would have a greater propensity to tell the truth on behalf of black Americans.

the problem for liars is that they are believed. People tend to give the benefit of their doubts about the truth so they feel betrayed when they discover the person lied to them. But President Obama takes it further than a simple lie; he not only lies but he simultaneously tries to justify the opposite of the truth. It’s lying twice for every lie told. One for saying something that he knows is false then directing people to do the opposite of something that will benefit them. It’s a double fraud. It’s a flim-flam, a word that’s gone out of style, a word that means someone id being conned to their detriment. When a common criminal lies it’s not nearly as important as when a President lies because the lies of a President have immediate and powerful consequences for those he lies to. Its infuriating to have a law breaker for President. It’s exasperating to have a liar for President. It’s dangerous to have President Obama in the office because his wrong actions have had and will continue to have deadly effects for many.

Why is Obama such a hypocrite? Part of the reason is he’s a bit dumb. Yes, he was an affirmative action admission at Colombia and Harvard, like his father. He made his college records off limits so we can’t know if he’s as dumb as John Kerry who is barely average in intelligence. We can however gain insight to his intelligence by observing his actions and the way to do that is to find out if he lies. Dumb people invent lies more than their intellectual superiors. President Obama lies more than most people who lie do.

It’s no consolation that at the end of his term in Early January in 2017  we will no longer have to suffer the consequences of his lies.


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