November 26th, 2013. WASHINGTON D.C.      Iran is enriching Uranium. There is no deal.  Iran is  building more enrichment capacity and buying uranium. Nothing is signed, nothing is concluded and all sanctions are in effect. Don’t be fooled by deceptive language as already happened in the White House Fact Sheet. There is no deal.

The agreement says in two places “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” Nothing. No part of the deal is agreed to and language like “We agreed to disagree” is not only not in the agreement, the agreement opposes all disagreements.

Is the deal a good starting point? No, because nothing starts until everything is agreed. There is no start.

There are sanctions that are still in place and there is nuclear enrichment for nuclear bombs going on. There are no steps to disarmament going on and there won’t be any steps until all of the steps are listed and approved.  

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