Both Iran and Obama (If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor), are untrustworthy. Iran is building Nuclear Bombs to use against Israel, America and their friends. The alternative to Obama’s agreement with Iran to slow them down is Israel’s plan to stop them. That’s more than an alternative, it’s a game-changer.

How could Israel stop Iran? Israel has the experience and the ability to do it. How do we know that? Because Israel successfully attacked and stopped Iraq’s nuclear facilities in 1981 and Syria’s in 2007. The alternative to Obama’s appeasement is Israel’s use of force. Obama only agreed to slow down Iran’s nuclear bombs, Netanyahu would stop them.

If it’s good to slow down Iran, as Obama would have us believe, it must be better to slow them down 100% by stopping them. They don’t need peaceful or bellicose nuclear power. They don’t need nuclear power at all. They have plenty of cheap oil for power but they cannot destroy Israel by dropping oil on it. They need to turn their oil revenue into bombs. That’s why they are hoodwinking Obama into accepting their nuclear program. He’s been fooled before and Iran is fooling him again.

It’s Israel who needs to be stopped from bombing Iran and the way to do that is clear. Iran want’s to vaporize Israel. Israel knows what must be done. Unfortunately, Obama is giving them more reasons to do it. Why does Obama hate Israel? Because the friends he’s accumulated hate Israel too, and many of them want to destroy Israel. Obama is very predictable in his appeasement and his excuses for the Iranian regime. Is he out to destroy Israel? He’s never said it -but he’s doing it.

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