Blackmail is being promoted by Philly Mayor Nutter to force companies to refuse to follow the Second Amendment. He will not support any city investment in companies who support the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, Nutter isn’t alone. Many U.S. Mayors agree with him.

Here’s the deal. The Mayor figured out that Philly has too many people who murder people by shooting them. His Alice-In-Wonderland solution is to get the guns instead of getting the criminals who use guns. He can’t come right out and simply take people’s guns so he wants to make it hard to get guns and bullets. He’s forgetting government is forbidden from doing that by the U.S. Constitution.

Nutter has a great way to stop murder. Stop the murderers! It’s only some of the people, the bad people who murder, your honor, not the guns; not the bullets and not the good people.

The Mayor along with a lot of other bullies who want to break the rules and take away guns should put on their thinking caps; follow the Constitution; arm the good people then go educate the potential criminals who want to murder people. Prove to them that murder isn’t the way to solve problems. Maybe that never occurred to them. It means you can and must trust the good people. Next or maybe first, give a good person a gun. A good person with a gun is no danger except to bad people. That’s sort of an axiom, a basic piece of knowledge.

It’s the criminals, Mr. Mayor who have to be stopped. If you aren’t up to the job, resign and let someone else do it. How can you stop the criminals? One way is by giving guns to law abiding people to use to protect themselves until the police arrive. Call a local gun club and help them run benefits to buy guns and give them to the poor so the poor can protect themselves until the police arrive.

Here’s something to try. Give everyone in a four by four block area a gun. Put signs up on every building that armed people are inside then compare the crime rates in that area with other areas. You’ll find the crime rates in the armed areas much lower. It’s would save police costs and time. All done with guns in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, not the Sandy Hook principles. They’re Un-American. Don’t follow them.

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