His first telephone call to a foreign leader after entering the Oval Office was to: Mahmoud Abbas. Mahmoud is the President of the Palestinian Authority. Why didn’t he first call one of the staunchest American allies, Benjamin Netanyahu? Why does Obama have such a visceral hatred for Israel, Netanyahu and the Jews? Why?

Why indeed. His hatred is so deep and obvious that 50 retired American generals in addition to 75% of America’s members of both houses sent him a letter of objection telling him to stop treating Israel so poorly. It didn’t work. It seemed to make things worse.

Obama is a petulant child in the body of an adult. There are names for his pathologies but in the vernacular he’s a man-child; a small boy who never grew up while his body became an adult.

Recently he sent support against Netanyahu in the election, …. an election Netanyahu won because Israel as well as many people around the world want to see Israel prevail.

Obama has been a tragedy for the civilized world. He fooled the Nobel Committee as well as a majority of American voters into believing he was a man who could be trusted. He’s demonstrated numerous times the error of that judgment. ..  


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