In October 2010 there were 112 million civilian jobs plus 23 million government workers. That’s according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Government is growing and the private sector is shrinking. Only 36% of the 310 million population is working in the private sector. That’s going the wrong way.  


Why are jobs disappearing?

Government. Too many useless regulations and too many job-killing regulators writing regulations with the force of law but not approved by Congress. Congress can’t keep up with the laws they write and the regulators write three to five times as many regulations as Congress writes laws.

Plus government uses the force of law, doesn’t sell anything; is not controlled by competition nor by the need to make a profit. Those four requirements keep the free market under control at no cost or effort while government is out of control and a constantly increasing burden on the workers. 

The welfare state sucks money out of the 112 million workers pockets to support: 1. government workers,  2. Illegal Aliens, 3. the prisoners, 4. those on unemployment and 5. the families of the employed. Do the arithmetic: 310 million less 112 million, the number working in the private sector,- gives 198 million being supported by 112 million who also have to support themselves. So 112 million jobs support all 310 million people.


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